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'This is our "Frequently asked questions" page. Here we will put common questions and answers.

Disclaimer: The Soekris products are hardware only, designed for OEM integration with application software. The documentation is not very comprehensive, or in some cases absent. We are not able to help you install software, so if you don't know what you're doing, or are unable to get help somewhere else, please do not place an order.
Please note that we do not offer application software support, we will make any effort necessary to help solve any technical problems with the hardware, but please use only email for contacting us on support issues. Don't expect answers on questions already covered on the website or in the manual, or questions like "how do I install Linux?"

CE & FCC approved
All of the products from Soekris are CE and FCC approved and aim to be in compliance with RoHS-5

Power Supplies
Power supplies are a separate item. Our PSU's are supplied with a power cable for type C plugs, if this is not the plug your country uses, you must buy the power cable seperately in your own country. The adapters work within the voltages specified, please verify that you country supplies voltage within these limits.
If you are in doubt as to which power supply you should order, note that the standard model 31201215 works for all boards.
If you wish to source your own power supply, it should be an unregulated power adapter connecting using a 11mm long, 5.5mm outside, 2.1mm inside female power plug with plus at center pin.
Please see the datasheets of the individual boards for power requirements.

Vat number/business customers
In order to buy as a business customer from us(without VAT) from within the EU, we require a valid VAT number. We use the database available from EU's taxation customs.
For business customers outside of EU we do require a VAT number, however it is up to the customer to verify the correctness of the number.
You can check your number by using the following website:

If your VAT number checks out fine here, but not on our customer creation form, please contact us.
For all private customers within the EU we charge danish VAT which is 25%.

Shipping will be calculated on checkout. For fast delivery select UPS. Within EU your package will be at your door within three days after shipping. or we offer bestway cheap shipping this is an economy delivery method without a guaranteed delivery time but within Europe usually within 4-10 business days plus we do not ship out these orders everyday sp this can also add some time. In Denmark we ship locally with Post Danmark package service(Danish postal service).

Our primary payment method is bank transfer but we also offer Paypal for orders lower than 1500 Euros and Dankort(Danish credit card) within Denmark(only in Kroner). The limit with Paypal is due to the fees charged by Paypal.

We do not supply drivers for the soekris products, however most *nix OS flavors have support for the soekris boxes.

Manuals, BIOS updates, etc.
These can be found at soekris' website:

More in-depth product information
If you want a deeper look into the different soekris products, please go to Soekris Engineerings products page.

Installation help/guides
We do not provide installation guides or howto's. Use google to find good hwoto's on installing different OS's on your soekris box.
There's a list of distro and howto's on Soekris Engineerings support page
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